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Bed tax update:
Date Posted: 04/01/16

Bed Tax Update:                                   3/29/16
County Commissioners are moving forward with implementation of the Fair's bed tax.  Yesterday a resolution was passed describing how and when the money will be collected.  Election officials are on track to certify the election results on April 5th.  
ARTICLE III of RESOLUTION NO.  16-299 "The territory in which the tax shall be  imposed shall be all of Delaware County, OH regardless of municipal boundaries or the existence of other excise taxes on the lodging of transient guests."
The tax will start on May 6, 2016.  This provides a 30 day grace period to all hotels to update software and other internal procedures. 
Hotels and bed-and-breakfast with less than five rooms are excluded. Extended-stay facilities of 30 or more days is also excluded by the Ohio revised code. 
"Lodging of Transient Guests for the benefit of the Delaware County Fairgrounds. "
The big question is:  Are the Polarus hotels included?  I'm not sure. Figures used during campaigning came from the current county 3% bed tax.  Polarus is not in that amount because they (Columbus) had a Convention & Visitors Bureau before Delaware.  More to come...
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