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09/18/11   Little Brown Jug Future Wagering & Jugette-Jug Daily Double is Open  [PDF]
09/17/11   Sunday's Racing Program is Now Available
09/17/11   Post Time is 12:00pm for Sunday's Races
09/17/11   Future Wagering Program  [PDF]
09/17/11   Overnight Sheet for Tuesday's Races is Available
09/17/11   A Field of Twelve to Compete For the $526,800 Little Brown Jug  [PDF]
09/16/11   Jugette Draw Results - Idyllic Favored in $292,350 Jugette  [PDF]
09/16/11   USTA Speakers' Series set for Delaware  [PDF]
09/16/11   Morning Line Sheet for Sunday's Races is Available
09/16/11   Delaware County Fair Joins Strategic Wagering Program  [PDF]
09/15/11   Ohio Sires Stakes Champion Faces Field of Eight in Sunday's Opening Day Feature  [PDF]
09/15/11   Overnight Sheet for Sunday's Races is Available
09/14/11   Top 10 Contenders for the 66th Little Brown Jug Final Week - September 14, 2011  [PDF]
09/13/11   New this Year - "The Back Stretch Tent"
$85 for Wednesday, $85 for Thursday, or $150 for both days! Beer tickets, food, TV screens, wagering...
09/11/11   Jug and Jugette Detention Barn Policies and Procedures Information
09/08/11   Top 10 Contenders for the 66th Little Brown Jug Week #4 – September 7, 2011  [PDF]
09/08/11   Little Brown Jug Week Radio Broadcasts  [PDF]
09/06/11   Big Bad John Heading to the $650,000 Little Brown Jug  [PDF]
09/01/11   2011 Little Brown Jug Media Guide
09/01/11   See You at Peelers May Still be Headed to the Little Brown Jug  [PDF]
09/01/11   Top 10 Contenders for the 66th Little Brown Jug Week #3 - August 31, 2011  [PDF]
08/29/11   Unbeaten Filly See You At Peelers is 3-1 Favorite in $650,000 Little Brown Jug Future Wagering Pool  [PDF]
08/26/11   Jason Settlemoir to Become 2nd Announcer for Delaware, Ohio Grand Circuit Meeting  [PDF]
08/25/11   Big Jim Injured, Scratched from Jug Future Wagering  [PDF]
08/24/11   Delaware Stakes, Overnight Schedule  [PDF]
08/24/11   Top 10 Contenders for the 66th Little Brown Jug - Week 2 - August 24, 2011  [PDF]
08/22/11   Morning Line Future Jug Wagering  [PDF]
08/19/11   Top 10 Contenders for the 66th Little Brown Jug - Week 1 - August 17, 2011  [PDF]
08/17/11   2011 Future Wagering on the Little Brown Jug  [PDF]
08/10/11   Roll With Joe Heading for the Little Brown Jug  [PDF]
08/09/11   See You At Peelers Still a Possible Little Brown Jug Starter  [PDF]
08/03/11   Jugette Contender Radar Contact Now has 11 Victories in a Row  [PDF]
08/01/11   Dean Hoffman and Don Berman to Broadcast Delaware, Ohio Grand Circuit on Radio  [PDF]
07/25/11   Wall of Fame to Honor Paul Spears  [PDF]
07/22/11   Neville Award to Donnie Simmonds  [PDF]
07/19/11   Lady Pace Honoree Senena Esty  [PDF]
07/17/11   Huge Weekend for Little Brown Jug Eligibles  [PDF]
07/13/11   Charlie Bowen Dies  [PDF]
07/06/11   14 Meadowlands Pace Elimination Starters are also Eligible to 66th Little Brown Jug  [PDF]
06/15/11   Delaware County Fair To Suspend Monday Afternoon Racing In 2011  [PDF]
06/14/11   Big Bad John Will Start From Post 4 In Saturday's $1.5-Million Pepsi North America Cup  [PDF]
06/08/11   Hometown Little Brown Jug Contender Big Bad John Draws Into Third North America Cup Elimination  [PDF]
06/02/11   Possible Little Brown Jug Starter See You at Peelers Faces Colts for First Time  [PDF]
05/22/11   Little Brown Jug Contenders Big Jim and Shadyshark Hanover Win In Weekend Action  [PDF]
05/15/11   Future Stakes Schedlule  [PDF]
05/08/11   Jug Eligibles Big Bad John, Custard The Dragon and Eighteen Win Weekend Stakes Races  [PDF]
05/05/11   Little Brown Jug Contender and Delaware, Ohio Trained Big Bad John Makes His 2011 Stakes Debut  [PDF]
05/04/11   Yearling Nominations Due May 15 For Delaware, OH Grand Circuit Events  [PDF]
04/18/11   Big Jim's Trainer Hoping for Victory in Little Brown Jug  [PDF]
04/12/11   2011 Eligibles Will be on LBJ Website Wednesday, April 13  [PDF]

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